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Whether you quote and order mortgage insurance (MI) through Rate Finder, your loan origination system (LOS) or pricing engine (PE), our new risk-based pricing engine works seamlessly to deliver a superior experience and competitive rates on every loan.


Step 1: Request A Quote

  • Rate Finder. We’ll ask you to complete a one-time registration the first time you access EssentEDGE through Rate Finder. The process is quick and easy, and requires only a few pieces of information in addition to your company email.
  • LOS/Pricing Engine. The EssentEDGE engine is seamlessly integrated with the most widely-used systems, so the way you quote and order hasn’t changed.*

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Step 2: Submit A Loan

Link your Quote ID# to your MI submission to take advantage of our 90-Day Quote Guarantee. As long as your loan-level data stays the same, the quote associated with your submission will also stay the same — even if our rates change.


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EssentEDGE Q&A

Read answers to common questions about our risk-based pricing engine.

Rate Finder Tip Sheet

Get instructions for completing our one-time registration process.

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* Master Policy set up is required to access EssentEDGE pricing in your system.