Clarity of Servicing

Clarity of Servicing

We’re Here for You When You Need Us

Our Clarity of Servicing is not only our pledge to provide mortgage insurance (MI) that is clear, fair and there when you need it — it’s how we do business. We will not deny any Claim for:

  • inadequate home retention servicing efforts
  • missing collection effort documentation
  • mischaracterization of an appeal as a Supplemental Claim
  • late Claim filing
  • late Default reporting
  • late filing of the foreclosure complaint
  • lack of Servicer due diligence in pursuing appropriate proceedings

We will work with the Servicer first to correct any process deficiencies. If there are subsequent/recurring issues, we will only adjust for damage we can reasonably quantify.

For more information, please see our Default and Claims Servicing Guide below.

You can also email or call 877.331.9077 for more information. Our dedicated associates are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Loss Management Resources


Default and Claims Servicing Guide

Understand the general requirements of our Master Policy that become applicable in the event of a Default.

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