Essent Guaranty Announces Access to MI through INTEGRA’s Destiny LOS Platform

Essent Guaranty announced today that it is now offering lenders access to Essent MI for delegated and non‐delegated loans and rate quotes through INTEGRA’s Destiny Loan Origination System (LOS) Platform.

“Lenders using INTEGRA’s Destiny platform will now have seamless and direct access to Essent MI products,” said Bill Kaiser, Essent Guaranty’s chief operating officer. “From checking rate quotes to ordering MI, Essent’s delegated and non-delegated underwriting customers have the ability to complete their mortgage loan process even more efficiently.”

INTEGRA’s Destiny LOS spans point-of-sale to post-closing and secondary marketing for lenders interested in efficiencies gained by automating every step of their mortgage loan workflow.

INTEGRA President, Jerry Pratt, stated “Our goal as an LOS provider has always been to provide the highest level of service, functionality and efficiencies gained through our relationship with our clients and business partners alike. The integration with Essent MI is no exception to that end and only serves to further meet the requirements our mutual clients have grown to expect from us.”

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